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12th Grade Math 

What he said:  "You do really WELL working through the problem. It's just here where you have trouble, but YOU'RE HALFWAY THERE! "


What I learned: I won't get yelled at for being vulnerable by asking for help. It's not a reflection of my intelligence. EXCELLENT  educators VALUE  and  REWARD ALL EFFORTS! 

" Smiteing Dyscalculia"

Mr. K was a cross between Goofy, Billy Nye and a mad scientist. He always wore a short sleeve dress shirt, kooky themed tie and a pocket protector complete with pens and a side of the corniest math jokes ever.  He had this infectious weirdness about him that made sitting in the trailer outside the school halfway bearable. 

I was talking college algebra but was failing horribly. Mr. K allowed us to use notes and homework assignments on tests.  I asked him if that was cheating. He would say, "You've already done the work so use it to help."


He always allowed opportunities for extra credit. For me, that consisted of working out 30 or so problems with him after class. He checked my work and praised me for mastering the process and formulas despite the fact a handful of my answers were wrong. I was floored when he gave me all 30 extra credit points.

I asked him why, and he said because I worked through all of them and took the time to show up and do it. Although my battle with math continued into college, Mr.K's encouragement always reminded me to celebrate the little victories, and thwariting my fear of asking for help. All efforts are valuable!


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