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6th Grade Math:
Not Cognitivism

What she said:  Why aren't you getting this? What's WRONG with you?


What I learned: As an educator,  yelling cripples your influence and sabotages student success. 
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Dyscalcuia " I Suck at Math" 

Teacher's Role: Regard and guide through the problem solving process.

What was lacking:  She left no room for any inquiry. She herself did not initiate it either other than coming to me when I raised my hand for help.

Her Interpretation of Inquiry:

"What is wrong with you? Why aren't you getting this?

  • At this point, she is not concerned at all with my schema in the way that she should be. 

  • In fact, my utter confusion upset her more. This confused me. So even if I didn't know I figured if I said yes and pretended she would calm down and eventually walk away. 

  • STM: Given that information is not stored here long, I was not able to utilize it at all given the stress I was under

    • She would correct me and then lose patience when I didn't arrive at the right answer. I was very much a "deer in headlights."​

  • Behaviorism: Rewards/Punishments


​     I feel this fits her approach better. She was convinced that the more she yelled the more I would listen.​


  • Stimuli: Her yelling

  • ​Response: I would just agree. It didn't matter what she said. I just said okay  in hopes of appeasing her. ​


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