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6th Grade Math

What she said: 
Why aren't you getting this? What's WRONG with you?


What I learned: As an educator,  yelling cripples your influence and sabotages student success. 

Dyscalcuia " I Suck at Math" 

Ms. B's Math class was at the juncture across from my history and science class. This was also my homeroom. 

There were about 8 long desks in the class with 2 to 3 students seated at each of them. I was racking my brain with how to solve a math problem. I watched intently as she went over the process with the class, I didn't talk or let my attention wane the entire time. As I looked around the room, I just knew that everyone else was solving it but me! Finally, I succumbed and raised my hand. 


She walked over, and we started working on the problem together. As it turned out, her frustration seemed to take precedence over mine. Everything just stopped as she was bent over berating me. I didn't care about the problem at this point as I was just trying to shrink inside myself. Her massive stature was shielding me from the class, but as she walked away all anyone could do was stare at me. 


Whenever my inevitable frustration at my math skills sets in, I hear her voice.


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