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Scenario: A child has a speech developmental disorder


The parents have to fill out a questionnaire about the observe behaviors of the child's development. The questionnaire is given by the doctor to evaluate whether the child is behind the developmental markers for their specific age group.

  • List items

  • Doctor recommends speech therapy

  • The speech therapists observe behavioral patterns

    • eye contact, reaction to not getting their way, yes or no choices

    • Deciphering amongst certain objects etc..

  • Enlist occupational therapists for a sensory profile

  • In-Home Evaluation:  See how they respond when excited

    •  how to de-escalate/focus the child



**Trial and error for the most effective way to fulfill their sensory need**


Stimulus: Speech Development Disorder: Unable to comprehend speech patterns, mimicking


  • The child is happy because of your positive response. They want to start replicating that response from you  (mimic more)

  • Sign word or phrases back, pointing to objects you say or voluntarily identifying objects with gestures and or sound

  • engage in imaginary play more often

Positive Reinforcement:

  • Singing, dancing, food, drink, toy, praising “ Good job! Yes! Yay!” Etc….. ( Consistency is key)

Negative Reinforcement:

  • Shaking your head no, offering a different word or choice, waiting for the child to vocalize before giving them what they want


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