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Case Study: ReWordify


As an educator for the past 10 years, I know resources that leverage technology, diverse methodologies, and immersive experiences are crucial to effective skill-building exercises.

ReWordify is a free online software that promotes reading comprehension by simplifying vocabulary.


The customizable interface allows students the freedom to challenge, test, and track their progress.

  • flashcards

  • Flexibility: Copy and paste and text 

  • Metrics: Track progress

  • Exercises: Give context to vocabulary 

*** Executive Functioning Skills: Help as a tool to enhance.***

reading low.png

Mike reads at  a

low level. 

Rewordify User Story.png

He struggles with summarizing ideas.

hard to read independtly.png

He can't apply his skills independently. 

reading with Peers.png

He succeeds with peer and guided instruction.   (ZPD)

frustrating reading.png

He is unmotivated and filled with self doubt.

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