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Social Cognitivism

What we experience and how we experience it impacts our responses.

Theorists: Albert Bandura


It encompasses emotion, behavior, and cognition. Our behaviors and reactions are inspired by the complexities of everyday life. 

  • friends, family ( interpersonal)

  • school, work ( community)

  • goals, challenges



  • Observational Learning: observing and mimicking what is seen around you ( desirable/undesirable)​​

    • Retention: remembering the behavior so it can be imitated later

    • Production: Pull from retention to apply/modify to situations

    • Motivation: Is it Worth It? 

      • If I do this, will I be rewarded/ punished?​

      • If so,... is it worth it?​

  • Attention:​ attention-grabbing (selected)

  •  Reinforcement: a reaction that will increase the target behavior ( varies by method and duration)

  • Self-Control ( willpower): the ability to keep desires, emotions, thoughts, and impulses in check

  •  Self-Efficacy: belief in yourself to perform certain abilities/behaviors

    • This concept holds enormous power over decisions and beliefs. They have the power to shape our environment and vice versa. 


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