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Opera & College
" Self-Exploration"

What he said: 

 " I'm going to give you the  BEST ADVICE from the WORST  I got.


What I learned:  CHAMPION SELF-EXPLORATION to show students they are NOT DEFINED  by ONE SKILL SET.

" Dr. P's Voice Studio: Kansas State University " 

Dr. P is one of the biggest influences on me as an educator and musician! I was in his voice studio for 2 years and have continued to be so since graduating in 2016. Dr. P's teaching style easily falls into all of the learning theories in my portfolio. 

After one of my lessons, I was again gushing over some new knowledge I'd come across. I paused to ask him if it was okay to entertain the idea of life outside the operatic stage. As he shared his experience of being deterred from self-exploration, he said I am more than opera and to explore all my passions. They may cross over in ways I never anticipated. 

In his own words, " I invest in my students." He encouraged me to be active in professional music educator institutions, conventions, YAPs, repertoire selections, instructional design, opera study, higher education and more. He always started off each lesson asking me what new project I was working on. He constantly praised me for my passion for learning and avoiding the burnout effect so many students encounter. 


We dissected my repertoire with a series of question-and-responses designed to guide my focus. These topics included resonating space,  one positive and an area of improvement for each lesson. I made it known I thrive off of the analytical approach, and his instructional methods gave me meaningful choices to be invested in my learning. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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