Zone of Proximal Development


Already know present tense, basic  animals and things they can do. So as the game unfolds....

  • Chance to elaborate and draw conclusions as demonstrated in the " constructed responses questions"

  • Ex: What might Alice do next? ( feed, play, walk etc..)

  • How do you know the cat is getting a bath?


Teacher will direct some parts of the conversation to further assess


  • Student answer: I know because they are in the bathroom.

  • Teacher: How do you know they're in the bathroom?

  • Student: I see a tub, sink, toilet etc...


Enables opportunities to illicit target vocabulary, scaffold,  and allow for more complex responses and choices. 

  • Capitalize on interests: With

    • Flexible scenarios

    • Tap into multiple interests.                      ( personalization)

Ex: walking, riding, dress up, play with etc..