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What we experience and how we experience it impacts our responses.

Theorists: Jean Piaget, Robert Gagne, Lev Vygotsky

Key: The focus is on internal mental processes. The  way we think affects our learning process​.



Teacher:  Guides students through the problem-solving process with regards to their own thinking processes

Student: Active. The student works through their unique "schema"

  • expand, adapt, alter information

  • Accommodation: New information is continually adjusted to assess and give meaning to new concepts.

Schema: "knowledge structure" ( internal) This is how we store and make sense of information.

3 Stages: Informational Processing:

  1. Sensory: Absorbed from senses (1-4 secs), all information in monitored

  2. Short Term: (20 secs) With repetition, ideas of interest taken from "sensory", "nuggets" of         knowledge work best

    3. Long Term: Unlimited capacity, rote memorization, linking old and new information for deeper analysis


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